Dumbrăveni exhibition
Light boxes by artist Ana Botezatu

Appafy Castle, Dumbraveni, Sibiu county, Romania
client: RNMR
Total area: 245 sqm
Project year: 2010

RNMR takes in concession the castle from the local administration in order to start developing a long term public-private project

The aim is to develop a “project incubator” on the topic of minorities and to rehabilitate the castle entirely, hence aiding the development of the local community.

The first phase consists of the rehabilitation of the entrance space and of the first three rooms (a project by Transylvania Trust) and the starting of an exhibition (the project presented here)

given facts:
- 12 objects _ the first donations from the local community
- 3 screens _ interactive database on the three chosen topics for the rooms – history, private life, religion

layer 1: simulation of the intermediate _ moving boxes, a symbol of migration and a statement for the pilot phase of the exhibition. The boxes become containers of the exhibited objects, furniture substitutes (benches, reception table,…) or an invitation to exploration (inside them, one can find pictures that can be taken as souvenirs)
layer 2: memory boxes - the interface between the entrance area and the rooms becomes a wall installation made out of light boxes. A window towards memory, a playful collage, a delicate journey in the past
layer 3: the rooms - symbolic space / virtual space - contain one screen and one object. A platform for further information / an invitation to rest